Make a comeback and finish your degree


We help working adults return to school, finish their degree or certificate, and unlock opportunity for the future of our state.

Why it Matters

How We Do It

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Who We Are

We are a statewide partnership with the goal to increase the state’s college completion rates from 47 percent to 70 percent by 2025. As a community collaboration between higher education, community agencies and employers, Graduate! Rhode Island’s mission is to connect adults with the support and resources that will help them get back to and through college.

What We Do

Through our one-on-one advisement model, we help working adults evaluate options and identify opportunities, match their goals with the programs of local higher education institutions, and help them find the support they need to return to school.

Why it Matters

Supporting the education of working adults opens doors to opportunity for our whole state. Adults who complete their degree or certificate can earn more money, advance their careers, and improve job security. Higher education institutions recruit new students and diversify their student base. Businesses improve company culture and gain a competitive edge. In short, an educated workforce means a healthy economy and thriving community.

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