You’ve been accepted! And you’ve started classes. Now its time to stay focused and persist with your degree. Below are a few tips of things to remember along your college journey.


Be aware and meet all deadlines for registration, course selection, and ongoing tuition and fee payments. Don’t derail yourself by forgetting and missing an important deadline. If you must miss a deadline, talk to the appropriate department at your new college and explain your situation. Try to reach a mutually acceptable solution. Remember to file annually for financial aid and keep all related paperwork up to date.

Be sure to have your books in time for class. Often online sellers and used books offer better prices than campus bookstores. Act early to find the best deals.


Identify and use campus resources: If the school offers an orientation, make sure to attend. Skipping orientation is a common mistake adults make. So much important information as well as shortcuts and tips are shared at orientation, and you might find people you know, or get to know people with the same goals and course schedule. Also find the library and the learning center, and use tutoring services.

Meet with your college advisor at least once a semester/quarter to be sure you are on track with your program and coursework. Make sure you understand the required courses, course sequence, and credit requirements for your degree.

Develop a good relationship with your professors. Professors appreciate the perspectives adults bring to the classroom. Don’t be afraid to contribute! Contact your professors at office hours or by email if you need help.

Try an online course; you may find it gives you more flexibility with your schedule.


Periodically check your career goals to see if they are still applicable.

Monitor your financial aid status with your college financial aid office or the appropriate person at your college.

Seek assistance from your support network if you need help. Our Graduate! Advisor is always available.

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