Make a comeback and finish your degree


Whether you’re an individual looking for assistance or a business owner seeking to help your employees, Graduate! Rhode Island can help you find the program that fits your needs.

Graduate! Rhode Island brings together universities, businesses government and community agencies to help find each adult find a program that fits both their schedule and financial situation. Our one-on-one services are designed to help navigate the college process through to degree completion.

One of many adults considering a return to school but aren’t sure where to start? Click on the Back to College link and learn how you can get started! A  human resource professional or business owner seeking to provide resources for your employees? Click on the Employer Talent Solutions link and learn about our resources and services.


Back to College  

Thinking about going back to college? Graduate! RI is here to help you find the program that’s right for you!


Employer Talent Solutions

Learn how we can provide tools and support for companies with tuition assistance programs to help invest in their employees education.

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