Why Become a Graduate! Rhode Island Company?

Graduate! Rhode Island brings together partners in the community, government, higher education, business and industry to align existing resources, remove barriers, and create new pathways for adults to finish their degrees. Our goal is to increase college completion rates within the state, thereby boosting Rhode Island’s economy and prosperity. As a partner company Graduate! Rhode Island will help you to:

  • Understand the education attainment of your workforce
  • Provide needed educational resources to your organization
  • Improve our community and change the lives of your employees

How do you promote college completion within your workplace?

We have the tools to identify employees within your company that could benefit from completing a degree. Graduate! Rhode Island will help implement a plan for the educational improvement of your workplace.

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Making your employees aware of Graduate! Rhode Island,  increasing college knowledge and education awareness throughout your workplace.


We issue a survey to your employees to assess the educational profile of your company and gauge the interest level of your employees in returning to college.


Work with Graduate! to implement employee engagement activities, hold information sessions and education fairs within the workplace.


Connect employees with a Graduate! Rhode Island advisor for ongoing support. Create workplace practices that assist and celebrate employees who return to learning.

Benefits of investing in employee education:

  • Reduced Turnover Costs
  • Employer Tax Benefits
  • Greater job satisfaction
  • Increased company loyalty
  • Improved recruitment and retention
  • Greater productivity, job performance

Studies & Stats:

For more information on investing in employee education, click here to view the most recent Lumina Foundation study.

Articles and stats on workplaces raising educational requirements and support for additional education, click here.

Become a Graduate! Rhode Island company today! Call (401) 763-1126 or email info@gradri.org

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